Northshore’s Student Ministries wants to partner with parents in helping youth mature and grow into young men and women who love Jesus and are committed to His Kingdom…and who are just awesome people!  During this life-stage, students face the second greatest growth period of their lives and begin to make decisions and form habits that either lead them closer to or further from Christ. Our goal is to help your child walk closely with Christ!

Northshore Student Ministries are broken down into Area 56 (5th–6th grades), Jr. High (7th–9th grades) and Sr. High (10th–12th grades). We offer many great programs and activities for students to connect and grow with each other and God.

Additionally, every week we challenge the students with three things:

  • Be in a Small Group (Tuesday evenings 6:45 for Middle School 7:15 for High School)
  • Participate in a Worship Service (Sundays 8, 9:30, and 11 am)
  • Serve inside and outside the Church

Through their involvement in small groups, worship, and service it’s our goal that by the time they graduate high school, students will have experienced our core values as a church. This PDF highlights ways students can practice these values in their lives as well as goals we have for our students upon their graduation. In the end, it’s our desire and passion to see young people follow Christ with devotion—loving people in their world, serving generously, and actively seeking transformation.

Andy Wright
Pastor of Middle School Ministries





Eric Spiker
Pastor of Senior High Ministries



JonoLippman (7B&W)Jono Lippman
Director of Student Creative Arts