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Re|Engage offers hope to marriages On a scale of 1 to 10, where is your marriage? 8? 5? Maybe even a 2? Whether your marriage needs to be strengthened, rekindled, or is in need of a complete resurrection, Re|Engage is a safe place for couples to reconnect. From newlyweds to empty-nesters, all marriages can benefit… Continue reading →


Discovery is a 6 to 8 week experience designed specifically for those who are spiritually curious and want to investigate Jesus and the Bible. The goal is to help bring clarity to what Christianity is all about and help people discover answers to the many faith questions they have. Pastor Tom Regan leads the class… Continue reading →


Two Pastors. Two Services. One Sunday. Super Sunday. Join us | Pastors Jonathan Alexander and Jonathan Wolfgang will go head-to-head in one of the most unique messages you will ever hear. For four quarters, they will duke it out on the gridiron (well okay…the stage), in an attempt to one-up each other with the greatest… Continue reading →


Because Life’s Better Together At Northshore we believe God created us to live in relationship, that life’s truly lived better together. The weekend service can be an inspiring and challenging experience, but it can’t fulfill the need we have for community. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, below are several ways to take the… Continue reading →


For week two of our New Beginnings series, we welcome guest speaker Michael Franzese. Join us | This can’t-miss Sunday features nationally-known speaker Michael Franzese, a former captain for the Colombo crime family-turned-Christ follower, on a new mission to change lives around the world. Invite | Bring your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to take part in… Continue reading →


Although the season is winding down to usher in the new year, Christmas is an unforgettable day of the year. Families far away come together, surprises are had, and the birth of our savior is remembered and celebrated. Just following comes the end of a year, a celebration of something new, an opportunity to remember the old and… Continue reading →


According to a recent survey, here were the top five New Year’s Resolutions from last year: 1. Lose weight 2. Get organized 3. Spend less, save more 4. Enjoy life to the fullest, and 5. Stay fit and healthy. Perhaps the reason many of us make New Year’s resolutions is that we like the thought that a new beginning is… Continue reading →


What words do you think are commonly used to describe Junior Highers? Maybe energetic? Awkward? How about wise? “Filled with wisdom” is what the Gospel of Luke uses to describe Jesus when he was twelve years old. As a boy, he was intent on growing in wisdom. This Sunday, we’ll have the opportunity to learn from the… Continue reading →


We know it’s hard being new. We’d like to help. For those wondering where to begin at Northshore, the first step is Starting Point. Whether you are exploring following Jesus or have been walking with God for years and would like to become a member at Northshore, this experience will give you some background on… Continue reading →


In 2013, we approached Toy Shop as Northshore’s largest local impact opportunity of the season. We smashed our goal of 1,800 toys and 200 gift cards. Seeing the amount of families come through our doors and the immense impact it had on each and every one of them, we knew we had to welcome more families.… Continue reading →