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There are some big, tough questions that many people, even Christians, ask about God, the Bible, religion, and our world. From topics like the trustworthiness and reliability of the Bible, to science and Scripture, to Jesus and other religions—these are heavyweights that deserve a closer look. Our world is asking these questions and our faith… Continue reading →


As a man, you have 52 weekends a year. 52 ‘honey can you help me’ weekends, 52 ‘let’s get the kids to their soccer game’ weekends, 52 ‘I gotta help my buddy move’ weekends. How about joining us for MAN DAY and explore what it means to be a man. Man Day is a day of… Continue reading →


This was our 3rd year in a row of hosting a block party for our neighborhood. By far this was our best turn out and most successful block party since we began. We had about 40 people show up representing around half of our neighborhood. This year was also the best involvement from other neighbors as… Continue reading →


Participating in the Re-Ignite weekend experience was a life changer for me. I went expecting something impactful, but I had no idea how powerful or timely the event would be. Through the exercises we did and the presentations by facilitators Richard and Leona Bergstrom, I was able to take a high-altitude look at my life… Continue reading →


Every week at Northshore we get to experience powerful worship, great Children’s ministry, engaging student gatherings, impactful small groups, and teams that are connected in our community. The fact is none of these things could happen without you. From the Becoming Soulmates Marriage Conference to Toy Shop; from short-term mission trips to Community SERVE Day,… Continue reading →


Life today is often a check list—sleep, eat, work, and repeat. How can we find transcendence in the mundane, to find God in the rhythms of daily life? As we discover the spiritual practices of Jesus, we’ll find those sacred rhythms and learn how to weave them in our everyday lives. This Sunday, we’ll explore… Continue reading →


It’s time once again for kids and volunteers to sign up for AWANA. Awana’s mission is to teach kids to know, love and serve Christ. The name ‘Awana’ is derived from the first letters of “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed” as taken from 2 Timothy 2:15. Our time each Wednesday includes games, Bible stories, memorizing verses,… Continue reading →