The Journey of a Spiritual Vagabond


Stephanie* described herself as a spiritual vagabond, her soul like a wasteland. In the religious tradition she came from, she had been taught that the way to salvation was through rigid obedience. She had never understood God’s grace. Walking away from ‘religion,’ she never gave up her belief that there is a God, but didn’t know what he was really like. For 15 years she sought the company and support of others like her online.

Last Christmas Eve Stephanie found herself at Northshore Community Church. The good news of Jesus Christ arrested her heart and God birthed in her the desire to hear more of this gospel that she had never really understood. She was invited to Discovery and a couple of weeks later she was there with an eager heart.

She asked a lot of questions and through tears shared significant pieces of her story with Pastor Tom and her table host. The tears came because for the first time she was beginning to understand the forgiveness of God and the eternal life that is freely given through Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Stephanie embraced Christ because she understood that he freely embraced her.

There are a lot of ‘Stephanies’ out there—people who might describe themselves as spiritual vagabonds, believing there’s a God, not knowing what he’s really like, but wanting to. If this describes someone you know would you consider inviting them to Discovery, and even joining them? If this describes you, would consider attending Discovery?

Discovery is a safe place designed for those who have spiritual questions and want to explore the answers that Christianity offers. You can read more about it here. Our hope is that wherever people may find themselves spiritually they might have a safe and helpful environment to investigate Jesus Christ, the one who claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life. The next Discovery class starts October 13 at 11 am in room 139.

*name has been changed to protect privacy