Baptism: The Symbol of Freedom

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Pastor Jonathan’s message, Baptism: The Symbol of Freedom, is dedicated to the biblical theology of baptism and why it’s so important for the Christian life and Christian community. Listen now.

For more information on this series and a tool to invite your friends, see Pastor Jonathan’s blog.

Small Group Questions

1. If you come from a Christian background, what meaning or significance did baptism have in that tradition? How is what Jonathan taught this weekend similar or different from that background?

2. If you have been baptized, tell the group about your experience. What led to the decision? How did it happen? How was it significant for you?

3. Read Matthew 3:11-17. Why was Jesus baptized? What do we learn from
His example?

4. Read Romans 6:3-4. Some say our baptism is our reenactment of Good Friday and Easter. How is this so?

5. Some people wrestle with the idea of baptism. What obstacles do you think keep people from being baptized? How would you respond to those concerns?

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