True Prosperity

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Small Group Questions

1. Happy New Year! Share any traditions you or your family have around the new year.

2. How do most people view the concept of prosperity? How does this compare with the Biblical concept of prosperity?

3. Read Psalm 1:1-2. What are some creative approaches or habits you’ve found helpful as you’re learning to “delight” in God’s word (reading plans, verse memory, meditation, etc.)?

4. Read Galatians 5:22-23. This verse describes the kind of fruit that grows in our lives when we’re growing in Christ. As you look to the new year, which of these fruits are you praying God will develop in your life?

5. In the coming month we’ll be challenging people to get connected to small groups. Name one person you know who is unconnected. How will you invite them to be part of your small group?

6. Spend some time praying for your group leader and encouraging them to be part of the Small Group Leader Forum on Sunday, January 8. For more information, email

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